Phil Spector Discography


Label No. Artist Title (Writer)


Dore 503 Teddy Bears To Know Him Is to Love Him (Spector)/
Don't You Worry My Little Pet (Spector)


Inperial 5562 Teddy Bears I Don't Need You Anymore (Spector)/
Oh Why (Spector)
Inperial 5581 Teddy Bears If Only You New (the Love I Have for You(Spector)/
You Said Goodby (Spector)
Inperial 5583 Phil Harvey Bumbershoot (Spector)/
Willy Boy (Spector)
Inperial 5594 Teddy Bears Don't Go Away (Spector)/
Seven Lonely Days (E.Shuman-A.Shuman-Brown)

Dore 520 Teddy Bears Wonderful Lovable You (Spector)/
Till You're Mine (Spector)
Trey 3001 Spectors Three I Really Do (Spector)/
I Know Why (Spector)


Trey 3003 Greg Connors Tears Me Up/
Caught It The Act
Trey 3005 Spectors Three >Mr.Robin (Spector-Venet)/
My Heat Stood Still (Rodgers & Heart)
Trey 3006 Kell Osborne The Bells of St.Mary's (Furber-Adams)/
That's Alright Baby (Spector)
Ray Peterson Corinna Corrina (Parish-Chapman-Willams)/
Be My Girl (Spector-Sands)
Atrantic 2076 Billy Storm Sure As You're Born
In The Chapel In The Moonlight


ABC-Paramount 10181 Johnny Nash Some of Your Lovin' (Spector-Phillips)/
A World of Teras (Spector-Phillips)
Dunes 2007 Curtis Lee Pretty Little Angel Eyes (Lee-Boyce)/
Gee How I Wish You Were Here (Boyce)
Gregmark 2 Paris Sisters Be My Boy (Spector-Sands)/
I'll Be Crying Tomorrow (Spector)
Atlantic 2097 The Top Notes Hearts of Stone (Ray-Jackson)
The Basic Things (Martin-Navarro)
Atlantic 2098 Billy Storm When You Dance (Jones-Kirkland)/
Dear One (Parris)
Atlantic 2104 Ruth Brown Anyone But You (Barry)/
It Tears Me AIl to Pieces (Pomus-Shuman)
[This side:No Credits]
Atlantic 2107 Castle Kings You Can Get Him Frankenstein (Spector-Ertegun-Adlum Jr.)/
Loch Lomond (public domain)
Atlantic 2112 Billy Storm Honey Love (McPhatter-Wexler)/
A Kiss from Your Lips (Davis) [Both side:No Credits]
Atlantic 2115 Top Notes Always Late (Why Lead Me On?(Frizell-Crawford)/
Twist and Shout (Berns-Medley)
Atlantic 2119 LaVern Baker Hey Memphis (Pomus-Shuman)/
Voodoo Voodoo (Avril-Coleman)[This side:No Credits]
Goldisc 3024 Ducanes I'm So Happy(Tra-La-La) (Robinson)/
Little Did I Know (Spector-Sands)
Musicor 1011 Gene Pitney Every Breath I Take (Goffin-King)/
Mr.Moon,Mr.Cupid and I (Pitney)
Musicor MU2001 Gene Pitney Dream For Sale (Spector-Phillips)
Gregmark 6 Paris Sisters I Love How You Love Me (Mann/Kolber)/
All Through the Night (Duncan)
Jamie 1197 Creations The Bells (Barrows)/
Shang Shang (Jones-Wells)
Dunes 2008 Curtis Lee Under the Moon of Love (Lee-Boyce)/
Beverly Jean (Boyce)
Philles 100 Crystals Oh Yeah,Maybe Baby (Spector-Hunter)/
There's No Other(Like My Baby) (Spector-Bates)
Dunes 2009 Ray Peterson I Could Have Loved You So Well (Goffin-Mann)/
Why Don't You Write Me (Hollins)
Big Top 3073 Arlene Smith He Knows I Love Him Too Much (Goffin-King)/
Love, Love, Love (McRae-Wyche-David)
Big Top 3089 Sammy Turner Falling (Leiber-Stoller)
[This side:Leiber-Stoller]
Raincoat in the River (Schroeder-Kaye)
Big Top 3077 Karen Lake I'd Like to Miss My Graduation (Batchelor-Saunders)
Air Mail Special Delivery (Kaufman-Burke)
Jamie 1179 Blackwells Love or Money (Dewayne Blackwell)
Big Daddy and The Cat (Dewayne & Ronald Blackwell)
[Both sides:No Credits]
Jamie 1199 Blackwells You Took Advantage of Me (Ronald Blackwell)
I (Robinson)
Atco 6198 Jean Du Shon Talk To Me Talk To Me (Seneca)
Tired of Trying (Du Shon)
Spectorius 150 Arlene Smith Everything (B.Junior-B.Dillard-E.Jones)
Good Girl (Bea-Billy)[Both sides:No Credits]