NPC Fairy 2 (This is not a replacement.)

Painting of fairy

Fairy is to be added to your game.
Put a "painting of fairy" on a wall of your sim's room, so a fairy appears and works for your sim while the painting is there.
She loves eating and playing. Provide objects to entertain for her. She will be very happy if you put a chair to take a rest outside for her.

In order to get this file to work you need the "Unleashed" expansion.

To install,
Copy "NPC_Fairy2" folder to
"c:\program files\maxis\The Sims\Downloads" folder.

Test play of this NPC was performed only with sims of Japanese version. If you have a trouble with your sims, please delete "NPC_Fairy2" folder from "c:\program files\maxis\The Sims\Downloads" one.