Pose by Sim Skins
Before you e-mail me, please read the content of this page.
If I received the following, I would delete them without reading:
mails with binary files like an image attatched,
HTML mails,
and mails with no title.

FAQ: Most frequently asked questions by mail
I don't take any request. I make only skins that I need.

My tools
Mesh: MilkShape3D,skn2obj,BodyWarp
Skin: Photoshop,ImageReady,SimShow

Distribution of renamed, modified or traced meshes of mine or meshes using a part/parts of mine.
You are prohibited from distributing such meshes.
You won't get permission even if you e-mail me and explain your situation.

Distribution of meshes in the anime section.
You are also prohibited from distributing meshes in the anime section.
It's against my intention using meshes there for other characters since I made them for exclusive use.
If you want to use only a mesh because you don't like the skin, I recommend you to make meshes and all by yourself to get your much more perfect sims.