Inside the Sakuma Amplifier

Inside the Sakuma Amplifier

Through the experience of building many amplifiers, you learn the tone of individual parts.
If you need more high frequency, the best way is by your changing ohms and microfarads.
Someone may change the parts another company made. Even if the new capacitor gives him fine frequency, that capacitor brings a new sound into his amplifier's tone. His method will take him into deep woods.

Sakuma amplifiers are built by a system:
All transformers are made by TAMURA.
Solder is made by TAMURA.
Wire for the speaker cable and hookup wire inside the amplifier is the same. It is Japanese AC code.
Capacitors are Nikkemi or Nichicon make.
Resistors are cheap metal oxide type.

The Two-Point Earth Method

The Two-Point Earth Method work to reduce AC hum.

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