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Sakuma made

Typepicturejpeg sizecircuit figure
801A/845 push-pull
26kGIF 12k
4P55single & 6GB8 push-pull
2ch Power Amplifier
25kGIF 13k
VV300B/VV300B single end
29kGIF 12k
VV300B push-pull/VV300B push-pull end
pre-Main Amplifier
28kGIF 15k
211/211 push-pull end
pre-Main Amplifier
29kGIF 16k
4P55 Power Amplifier
22kGIF 9k

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The Sakuma "combination phono preamp-power amplifier" is a power amplifier with an integrated phono stage. It has only a phono input, tape-out, and volume control.

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